Expand your charge point installation business

Monta is the software layer that enables great end-to-end EV charging experiences on top of hardware installations. Electrical Contractors in Ireland can sell, deploy, and operate charge points with Monta as their partner.

With Monta, Electrical Contractors can turn installation and hardware sales into a new business line by generating recurring revenue.

  • Change your installation business from installation to operation
  • Charge for service directly through the Monta platform
  • Expand the range of services you offer, using the existing Monta features
  • Help your customers to monetise their EV Charging sockets, and offer a payment processing solution to them
  • Recurring revenue on monthly EV socket fees
  • Transaction fee sharing opportunities

With Monta all your customers can manage their charge points

Illustration representing the basic pricing offerHome charging

Get access to smart charging, sharing and usage statistics.


Illustration representing the pro pricing offerHousing associations

Charging solution for residents and guests, with different prices and access.


Illustration representing the business pricing offerHotels and restaurants

Offer the best charging experience for guests and employees.


Illustration representing the enterprise pricing offerBusinesses

Easy and user-friendly management of charge points, company cars, fleet management and more.


What happens next?
  • 1. Sign up with your company information in the form below
  • 2. You will be onboarded with Monta
  • 3. Start your full package offering to your customers


Scale your business

Monta wouldn’t be Monta without the continued success of our partners. We are committed to helping our partners grow with us by offering the best possible technology and opportunities.

  • Use Monta with most charge point brands and models
  • Start offering subscriptions and additional services
  • Easily onboard and manage your commercial and private customers
  • Take on more and bigger clients with Monta

Full & intuitive control of charge points

Managing charge points should be easy and effective, so that you can focus your resources on growing your business.

  • Set automated rules for private, semi-public or public access for individual chargers or entires sites
  • Set dynamic pricing according to your own rules: different times or groups of drivers, static or following the spot price of energy
  • Take advantage of automation to reduce maintenance needs and increase charge point availability

For further information, and to be directly connected to Monta’s representatives in Ireland, sign up here.