Product Code GroBoost Rexel Code 7002168 Category Immersion Controller

Product Details.

GroBoost is a continuously adjustable power regulator, which converts surplus solar energy to usable heat like hot water and space heating automatically, and it can help maximize consumption rate of solar and save electricity. Ideal for diverting excess solar pv power to your immersion heater, and it allows for automatic or manual control of your immersion remotely.

GroBoost is integrated into Growatt’s smart home system and the Growatt online monitoring platform.

Powerful Output

  • Adjustable power control of 0-10.8kW
  • Three independent power outputs

Smart & Economical

  • Boost the self-consumption of solar
  • Smart home energy management
  • Dynamic power regulation results in zero export

Application Flexibility

  • Supports single or three phase immersion heaters
  • Three 3.6kW single-phase immersion heaters
  • Three-phase immersion heater up to 10.8kW

Operation of Groboost requires a compatible Growatt inverter, SPM meter (7002165) OR CT (comes with the SPH BL-UP series of hybrid inverter), and the Growatt ShineLink-X monitoring kit (7002151)

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