BPE ChargeMate

Electric Vehicle charger from BPE, available as Type 2 socket only, or with a 5 metre tethered Type 2 lead.

The BPE ChargeMate has a maximum output of 7.2kW at 32A, but can also be set to 25A, 20A, 16A or 10A by using dip switches in the charger.

This electric vehicle charger comes complete with an integrated Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) – this ‘Type B’ breaker provides ideal protection for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, and is sensitive to both AC and DC currents.

  • LED status indicator
  • Integrated Type B RCCB
  • DC fault and AC leakage protection
  • Type 2 socket OR 5 metre Type 2 tethered lead
  • ASA+PC enclosure – IP55, flame resistant and UV-stable
  • 3 year warranty

Product Code

7004180 – 7004181