EVBox HomeLine 3.7kW – Autostart

HomeLine 3.7kW from EVBox is an electric vehicle charger for your home. It comes with a Type 2 socket, and is available in white or dark grey. HomeLine is normally wall mounted, and a stainless steel pedestal is available as an option.

  • Requires a 16A single phase supply
  • Charges faster than a regular outlet
  • LED-ring provides a clear status indication
  • Vandal proof, non-flammable and discoloration proof
  • Robust and modular build
  • Requires little maintenance
  • 3 year warranty

EV-Box is the international market leader in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions (EVCS),
serving electric drivers, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks.

Electric Vehicle Charging for your home

HomeLine range from EVBox – Datasheet

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