GoodWe XS Series Inverters

The XS model from GoodWe is an ultra-small residential solar inverter, specifically designed for quiet operation and high efficiency for households.

In stock from 1.5kW to 3.0kW AC / 1.95kW DC to 3.9kW DC. The unit is light weight, very compact, equivalent to an A4-sized piece of paper – particularly easy to carry & install.

  • LED status lights
  • LCD screen
  • 5.8kg / A4 sized
  • Die cast smooth white cover
  • Fanless design
  • USB interface
  • 40v DC start up voltage
  • Type III Surge protection device (SPD) on both AC and DC side
  • IP65 protection

This GoodWe single phase inverter comes complete with DC switch and WiFi connectivity.


Even though the XS Series is extremely compact and tiny, it doesn’t mean standard features are sacrificed. The XS is still equipped with 30% DC over sizing capability which allows full load output during extreme weather conditions and what’s more, its European Efficiency can reach 97%. Small, light, compact, and capable!

XS SeriesRexel codeMax DC input

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About GoodWe

GoodWe (Stock code: 688390) is a leading manufacturer of PV inverters and energy storage solutions. With an accumulative installation of 16 GW installed in more than 80 countries GoodWe inverters offer reliable operation and excellent performance and are well recognised by customers worldwide.

Technological innovation is GoodWe’s main core competence. With an in-house R&D team of approx. 200 employees in two R&D centers, GoodWe can offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale PV systems, ensuring that performance and quality go hand-in-hand across the entire range.

GoodWe has set up an integrated service system for pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales and has established service centers worldwide, aiming to offer global support to all customers including project consulting, technical training, on-site support and after-sales service.

Product Code

7002088 – 7002091