String Inverters

Solar Inverters are used to convert the Direct Current (DC) energy produced by solar panels into usable Alternate Current (AC) energy to help power homes and commercial buildings.

Our full solar inverter range of single phase inverters, three phase inverters and accessories consists of stock from leading, innovative manufacturers including  Fronius, Trannergy, Huawei, BPE, Sonnen, GoodWe, SMA and more. Check out our products section for details.

Micro Inverters

Micro inverter’s work on a modular level, one inverter per module, so should one module/inverter fail, the remaining modules will still perform.


Micro inverter Systems can improve energy harvest, and simplifies design, installation, and management of solar power systems.  Micro inverters maximise energy production by reducing the impact of shading, dust, and debris. They also allow you to monitor your solar PV panels, at a panel level, as opposed to a system level, via 24/7 monitoring and analysis. Micro inverters are safe, as they remove the requirement for high voltage DC cabling within a building, and you can have rapid shutdown on the roof.