Cold office? Time to consider Herschel Infrared heating

Cold office? Time to consider Herschel Infrared heating


Did you go through last Autumn and Winter, shivering in your office or having to run expensive temporary electric heaters?

Herschel Far Infrared heaters can be subtly placed within your office environment or add to the decor whilst keeping the work environment and employees comfortable and warm.

The Office Solution

Herschel Infrared heaters are the most energy efficient and economical alternative to gas, oil and traditional electrical heating systems. This makes them perfect for cutting your heating bills in the office.

Herschel heaters from Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric can be wall or ceiling mounted, or integrated into a ceiling tile arrangement. The heaters have very fast response times, and generate a comfortable, healthy heat, without relying on convection.

More elegant, less obtrusive and easy to install

Herschel infrared heaters come in many different designs and some Infrared heaters are mirrors; others are pictures which can be hung decoratively in hallways and rooms.

For public places with large atria, you can choose from a variety of attractive infrared spheres that can be suspended from the ceiling, or which can be free-standing in your reception area. Other panels are shaped to fit in the ceiling grid of offices and public places to provide heat unobtrusively.

Easy to install – Herschel Infrared heating has been approved for use in Grade-listed buildings because its installation requirements and impact are so small.

All you need to consider when installing infrared is:

  • Provision of an electrical source of sufficient capacity for the intended load;
  • Adequate strength in the surface where the unit will be mounted.

There are no requirements for fuel storage, pipe-work, flues or extractor fans or any additional insulation. This makes Infrared significantly easier to install than oil or gas boilers, heat pumps, underfloor heating etc.

Low / No maintenance

Infrared also has the considerable advantage of requiring no maintenance because it has no moving parts. As well as adding to the overall cost-savings case, it saves significant annual organisation. And unlike gas or oil boilers you won’t have to contemplate performing an entire re-installation every 10 years.