EVBox and Smappee – taking electric vehicle charging to the next level

EVBox and Smappee – taking electric vehicle charging to the next level

EVBox Smart Charging lets EV drivers connect their charging station with solar power to charge their car in a self-sufficient and eco-friendly way.

Global charging station manufacturer EVBox and smart energy management pioneer Smappee have entered a multi-year agreement to roll out smart charging products globally. With the new EVBox Smart Charging solution, powered by Smappee, cities, companies and electric vehicle drivers will enjoy a number of benefits that will enhance their charging experience.EVBox and Smappee are both supply partners of Rexel Ireland.

The future of electric vehicle charging

Smart charging allows for the charging speed and time of an electric vehicle to adapt to a number of factors, including available grid capacity, location owner requirements, and the needs of the driver. EVBox already offers a number of smart features located inside their charging stations, including the ability to set a maximum capacity on a charger (‘peak shaving’), and distribute available energy capacity proportionally over multiple active charging stations (‘load balancing’).
The new EVBox Smart Charging solution, powered by Smappee, will take EV charging to the next level. By adding a module to the electrical panel that allows owners to safely balance the energy usage of their charging station with other appliances in the building, EVs will be charged more efficiently. In particular, during peak hours when more appliances are used (such as in the morning when everyone arrives simultaneously at the workplace), the feature (‘dynamic load balancing’) will avoid overloading the grid and ensure the most efficient use of available power capacity.

Charging your electric car with solar energy

In order to make driving EVs as sustainable as possible, the source of the energy used for charging is extremely important. Especially for home owners who have an EV, the ability to charge using self-generated energy from solar panels on their roof is a much-requested feature.
EVBox Smart Charging+ allows users to connect the solar power they generate to their home charging station, making charging sessions both self-sufficient and sustainable. Drivers can get real-time data on charging, as well as all other electricity consumption and solar production through a complimentary mobile app. The mobile app also shows associated costs and analyzes energy usage over time. Based on those insights, EV drivers can make informed changes in their energy and charging behaviour, giving them full control over their energy usage.
Further information: info@rexelenergysolutions.ie