Fronius unveils single-phase hybrid inverter

Fronius unveils single-phase hybrid inverter

  • April 9, 2021

The innovative GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter is now available in a Primo variant for single-phase installations

Available in power categories from 3.0 – 6.0 kW it combines maximum yield, top flexibility and ease of use in one compact and stylish high-tech device. Useful online tools for simple commissioning, real-time system monitoring and 24/7 service support via smartphone or tablet round off this offering.

“The Primo GEN24 Plus is our first single-phase hybrid inverter and therefore another milestone on the path towards our vision of 24 hours of sun. Our aim was to develop a versatile and compact all-in-one inverter that takes into account all aspects of sustainability throughout the entire service life of the product,” explains Martin Hackl, Global Director of the Business Unit Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH, as he summarises the demanding requirements of the Fronius innovation. “The Primo has countless open interfaces for linking together the energy, storage, mobility, heating and cooling sectors. We’ve packed it full of future-proof technology to make it possible to get the most out of the photovoltaic system over the decades.”

Added value thanks to storage system and backup power supply

Using solar power that was generated during the day at night increases the self-supply rate and guarantees independence from the grid. That is why the Primo GEN24 Plus is compatible with home storage units and features impressively high charging and discharging power. It ensures maximum energy output because the sophisticated Multi Flow Technology enables and intelligently controls simultaneous energy flows. It also doesn’t matter whether the photovoltaic system is equipped with a storage system from the start or at a later date; everything required for this is already there in the inverter.

PV Point: basic backup power supply without a battery

A new feature of the GEN24 Plus is the PV Point – a backup power socket. It is the first of its kind to provide a basic backup power supply without a battery. This can be used to operate vital loads such as laptops, smartphones or small freezers.

Full Backup with full range of functions

If an energy storage system is present, the Primo will offer the tried-and-tested Full Backup solution and supply the entire household with backup power. Even in the event of a power outage, the GEN24 Plus allows power that is currently being generated to be used and, if necessary, surplus energy to be stored in the battery.

Greater storage capacity thanks to parallel operation

Parallel operation of the modular BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM in combination with the Primo GEN24 Plus enables a storage capacity of up to 57.96 kWh. This makes it possible to create storage solutions for commercial applications, intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets or a profitable and sustainable alternative to diesel-powered emergency generators.

Flexible system design and maximum electricity yields

Fronius SuperFlex Design and the improved Active Cooling Technology give the design of the PV system maximum versatility. The Primo GEN24 Plus can be fitted in a range of ways, be it hung up, lying down or in a mounting bracket, indoors or outdoors. Ambient air is drawn in and flows over innovative cooling fins. This ensures that the Primo always keeps a cool head and guarantees the full yield, even at high temperatures. The heart of the inverter, the sensitive power electronics, is thereby protected against so-called hot spots and the service life is extended.

The DC input voltage range of the Primo GEN24 Plus starts at 65 V and goes up to 600 V, allowing strings to be implemented from just three PV modules. Separate battery input and the two MPP trackers available as standard open up a range of options for complex roof surfaces with dormer windows or eaves mouldings as well as in combination with façade modules or garage roofs. The shading-tolerant algorithm of the Dynamic Peak Manager also ensures that the maximum yield is always generated.

Easy installation and leading service concept

Thanks to push-in spring-loaded terminals, quick-release screws and the tried-and-tested wall mounting system, it takes no time at all to fit any of the Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters. For simple commissioning, real-time system monitoring and even faster service, Fronius offers three user-friendly apps to installers, service technicians and end customers in the form of Solar.start, Solar.web and Solar.SOS. These can be used anytime and anywhere via smartphone or tablet. Service technicians have remote maintenance access via Solar.web to rectify minor errors and they receive service messages from all the systems automatically.