GoodWe Solar PV Installer Program

GoodWe Solar PV Installer Program

  • November 13, 2020

Become a GoodWe PLUS+ Installer

GoodWe PLUS+ gives you access to exclusive support, professional training and warranty extensions.
You will also benefit from a special warranty extension to 10 years for all on-grid inverters up to 20kW across Europe at no extra cost.


What is GoodWe PLUS+?

GoodWe PLUS+ is an installer program with access to a world of benefits and rewards for installers.

What are the benefits of GoodWe PLUS+ for installers?

(1) Extension from 5 to 10 years for all on-grid inverters up to 20kW which are installed in the EU, Norway, or Switzerland and which are connected to SEMS Portal.
(2) Visit to get all information about warranty support.

Who is eligible for GoodWe PLUS+ membership?

Electric and solar installation companies in the EMEA region.

How to qualify as a “GoodWe PLUS+ Installer”

Visit or download the SEMS App on your smart device. If you already have an account in GoodWe SEMS, you do not need to created a new one.