LIDL Distribution Centre – Enerpower

LIDL Distribution Centre – Enerpower

REXEL CLIENT: Enerpower (

PROJECT: Lidl Distribution Centre

LOCATION: Newbridge, Kildare OBJECTIVE: To reduce the facility’s carbon output by 473 tonnes annually

On the back of LIDL’s continuing expansion, they have invested in a new €100million distribution centre in Newbridge, Kildare and they have also highlighted their ambition to be as energy conscious as possible.

Lidl burst onto the Irish grocery market scene in 2000. Since then, they have established themselves as a well-known, reputable retailer who is supporting communities all over Ireland.
Their goal is to offer quality and freshness at the lowest possible price and be proud to be a discounter! They have enjoyed strong growth throughout Europe by remaining true to their core business model.

Lidl are committed to energy efficiency and conducted their first carbon footprint analysis in 2017 to highlight where they are having the most impact in their operations. Their aim is to decrease their climate impact through various programmes such as retrofi tting lighting in 104 stores to LED lighting. Lidl have also developed a Renewable Energy programme and have committed to adding solar PV systems to all suitable new stores and refurbishments. On the back of their success in Ireland, they have invested heavily in a new distribution centre in Newbridge, Co. Kildare further cementing their presence in the Irish market! This new distribution centre will also have over 4,300 solar panels installed making this Ireland’s largest ever installation of PV solar panels to date! As a result of this investment, over one quarter of Lidl’s energy requirements will now be generated by solar power. Lidl are setting an example for businesses across the country and demonstrating that they can reduce their carbon emissions while also making savings on energy costs and future carbon taxes.

The Project
Enerpower led this dynamic Solar PV installation project from start to finish and as a result provided a turnkey,  leading-edge solution for this new LIDL Distribution Centre.
Enerpower engaged Kellihers Electrical and their Renewables division (Rexel Energy Solutions) to supply top quality solar products. With Kellihers Renewables division, SMA high efficiency Tripower inverters were supplied plus a bespoke rooftop inverter mounting framework. In addition to this, Kellihers quality supplier Van der Valk’s solution of the ‘ValkPro+ East/West flat roof frame’ for over 4,300 PV panels provided efficient installation of all these panels for Ireland’s largest solar project.

This project will reduce the facility’s carbon footprint by 473 tonnes annually. This is the equivalent of 240 homes. By choosing a PV panel installation, businesses like Lidl are ensuring that they have a significant reduction on their environmental impact.

In addition to the design support, product selection, and calculations done by Rexel Energy Solutions, high quality products were supplied by Kellihers Electrical Waterford, as follows:

– High efficiency SMA Tripower Inverters
– SMA Inverter Manager
– Van der Valk, ValkPro+ East/West flat roof frame for over 4,300 PV panels
– All cables, switch-gear and containment
– Bespoke rooftop inverter mounting framework

Who are Enerpower?
Enerpower is an industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable technologies. Enerpower have worked with some of the country’s most recognisable brand names including
Cahills Cheese, Flahavans Oats, Tesco and Kepak. Founded in 2005, they are now one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies. Enerpower provide a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable energy efficiency solutions for public, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic customers across Ireland.