Now stocking Growatt Solar PV Inverters

Now stocking Growatt Solar PV Inverters

Rexel Ireland branches of Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric – now stocking solar photovoltaic inverters from Growatt.

Founded in 2011, Growatt inverters can be found in over 160 countries, and their monitoring platform has over 1.5 million users. The company has received 19 ‘Top Brand PV Inverter’ awards from EUPD Research for achieving outstanding performance in terms of market penetration, brand awareness, recommendation and satisfaction across solar markets worldwide.

Rexel Ireland branches are currently stocking single phase 3.6kW and 6kW inverters from Growatt, plus 10kW, 25kW and 50kW in their three-phase range – with 80kW being added soon.

Growatt’s X Series inverter features a higher power density and a higher input string current of up to 22.5A that makes it compatible with high power Solar PV modules. Possessing a multi-MPPT design and anti-PID function, the inverters further enhance the capability to output a larger amount of electricity. PV systems are also made safer and more reliable with its comprehensive protections of AC & DC Type II SPD, AFCI and IP66 enclosures.

The Growatt team also dedicates itself to making service support reliable and accessible through a combination of online and localised support. In addition to the establishment of its global network consisting of 34 offices worldwide, the company has developed its Online Smart Service (OSS) system, which is available via both PCs and mobiles, to empower installers to manage and maintain solar plants remotely and intelligently for improved service efficiency and reduced operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Stocked items

Item Part  Rexel
Datasheet / info
Growatt MIN 3600TL-X 1ph MIN 3600TL-X 7002145
Growatt MIN 6000TL-X 1ph MIN 6000TL-X 7002146
Growatt MOD 10KTL3-X 3ph MOD 10KTL3-X 7002147
Growatt MID 25KTL3-X 3ph MID 25KTL3-X 7002148
Growatt MAX 50KTL3 3ph MAX 50KTL3 LV 7002149
Growatt Shine WiFi-X (WiFi dongle FOR -X, XE AND TL3-LV) ShineWiFi-X 7002153