Save money with the WarmUp 4iE Thermostat

Save money with the WarmUp 4iE Thermostat

The right temperature, effortlessly.

The 4iE does not require programming, it works with your smartphone to ensure your home is always at the temperature you want just as you arrive, and using more efficient temperatures when you’re away. It is compatible with electric and hydronic floor heating and radiator systems.

Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the 4iE Smart WiFi thermostat learns how the heating system is being used and the unique way a house performs. It automatically suggests ways to save energy, e.g. what temperature should be set for absence or occupancy periods.

The smart ways the 4iE finds to heat a home more efficiently and save on the energy usage.

Use the dedicated MyWarmup™ account page to control the heating from a computer at home, or if on the move, from a tablet or smartphone.

The 4iE gives the user more control – it allows an evaluation of the energy usage and optimise the heating by providing tips on how to save more.

Works with zoned heating

When there are multiple 4iE thermostats, SmartGeo™ learns when certain rooms are likely to be used, so if there is a zoned system, it won’t simply turn all the rooms up to comfort temperature just because the users are home.

High quality design and engineering

The 4iE is designed to look great in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with glass effect front faces and beveled chrome edges to reflect wall colors. The 4iE is offered in Black, and White.

The large color touchscreen can be customized with different themes and photo backgrounds. There’s even a 7 day local weather forecast built in.

WarmUp 4iE Thermostat