Sunsynk Hybrid Inverters

Sunsynk Hybrid Inverters

Sunsynk products now available across Ireland

We are delighted to introduce our new product partner, Sunsynk, and their range of Solar PV Hybrid Inverters and batteries. Sunsynk inverters have a reputation for being extremely versatile in terms of their functionality, and can be paired with multiple battery types, and conventional generators. Sunsynk work closely with installers to continually develop their products and solutions – and have comprehensive support and training content online, as well as an active installers forum.

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The ‘Sunsynk logger’ is their latest app for inverter monitoring and control, and has a number fantastic features:

  • Real time push notifications. For example Instant notification if you have a power cut or you are running on generator, or batteries
  • Change all settings remotely. The Sunsynk data logger allows you to change and edit all settings remotely from anywhere in the world, provided that you have an Internet connection.
  • Complete control over your Hybrid Inverter. Using the Sunsynk data logger gives you complete control over your hybrid inverter. You will gain access to features that cannot be accessed via the inverter control panel, such as the update / upgrade feature to update the inverter operating system yourself.
  • Real-time monitoring. The majority of the Sunsynk app works in real-time including any changes that you make will instantly update on your inverter.
  • Live stats and monitoring. You have access to multiple stats including live monitoring and reporting. Using this app allows you to see peaks in your energy usage, you can then customise your system to work around this to help you save money on your electricity bills.
  • Reporting. Generate custom reports and graphs to help you monitor and understand how your system is working and where you are saving money.