Using PV solar to meet Part L building regulations

Using PV solar to meet Part L building regulations

Using Solar PV to meet Part L Building RegulationsThe Part L Amendment to the Irish Government’s Building Regulations demands that new build housing projects today must be 60% more energy efficient than the equivalent regulations in 2005.

That’s quite a hike — but renewable energy technologies have come a long way, and have a crucial role to play in delivering the improved energy efficiency specified in the new regulations. One of the most effective and straightforward renewable options to install are photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. We take a look at how PV panels can help you comply with your Part L obligations.

How using the sun’s energy to produce electricity can help you comply with the new requirements

The Part L Amendment to the Irish Building Regulations addresses all aspects of a building’s energy efficiency — from the thermal performance of the construction material used, to the level of insulation applied, to the efficiency of the technologies employed to provide heating, hot water and, increasingly, electricity.

Whether your a building designer, engineer, building contractor or renewable energy installer, meeting Part L requirements has become an integral part of new build housing projects in Ireland today.

Where Renewable Energy Technologies fit in to Part L compliance

The Part L Amendment doesn’t specify a particular renewable energy technology, or advocate any one type of energy solution over another. What it does do is specify that a minimum quantity, expressed in kWh/m2/year, of delivered energy consumption as calculated using the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) is provided using a renewable source. There are a variety of renewable sources you could consider for your new build project, including things like heat pumps, biomass boilers and small-scale wind energy, but perhaps the most straightforward and effective source of renewable energy available today (even in Ireland) is the sun.

PV — the solar panel evolved

Solar energy is a tried and tested renewable energy source that has been used successfully in Ireland over recent years. However, with the advent of the latest Part L Amendment (2011) a properly sized thermal solar panel system (the typical set-up for domestic hot water you commonly see installed in dwellings today) will not be enough, on its own, to meet the more stringent renewable energy requirements of the new building regulations.

That’s where photovoltaic (PV) solar panels come in. Rather than collecting heat from the sun’s rays, and using that energy to heat water (as in a standard thermal solar energy set up), PV panels collect the sun’s energy (even on cloudy days) and convert it into a far more versatile and useful form of energy: electricity. Today PV is a tried and tested renewable energy technology, and modern PV panels are extremely efficient, effective and, just as importantly, are straightforward to install and maintain.

Installing PV Solar Panels is the most cost effective way to ensure your new build meets the Part L building regulation requirements for renewable energy contribution.

A typical PV Solar system to meet Part L compliance in an Irish dwelling

a typical part l pv system

A typical solar PV system to meet Part L building regs.

A winning team: Kellihers and Irish PV market leader Dimplex®

At Kellihers we’ve teamed up with trusted Irish energy brand and Irish market leader Dimplex® to cater for all of your PV Solar Panel needs.

Dimplex Innotech PV panels are made in Germany and Sweden and have the lowest carbon footprint on the market. Dimplex micro-inverters (the part of the system that converts DC current from the PV panels into the AC current you need for wiring in to domestic supply) are made in Germany, and are the only micro-inverter on the market set for the Irish electricity grid. They are fully certified for ESB Networks conditions Governing the Connection and Operation of Micro-generation and fully meet deviations for Ireland as laid out in EN50438:2007

Kellihers can provide individual PV system components or complete kits that include everything you need to install a fully Part L compliant Solar PV system on your next project.

Contact your local Kellihers branch today to find out more, call us on 066 714 5300 or email us using the website contact form.