BPE Amstel SMART 22kW (32A 3ph) Socket EV Charger

Product Code BPE‐AC‐EVC‐22-1‐S‐S Rexel Code 7004328 Category EV Charger

Product Details.

RFID – Use 1 of the 5 included RFID cards to authorise a charging session to prevent unauthorised charging.


TWO FASCIAS – Matte Black and Space Grey covers included as standard.


EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN – Quick and safe way to abort a charging session in an emergency.


WARRANTY – 3 Year warranty as standard.


PV INTEGRATION – BPE EV chargers are compatible with PV installations, allowing you to charge your vehicle for free using solar energy to maximise your savings while reducing your carbon footprint.


SMART CHARGING – As agile tariffs become more and more popular, our EV charger range capitalises on this by allowing you to set charging periods, meaning you can charge your vehicle at the lowest available tariff rate.


DYNAMIC LOAD BALANCING – DLB regulates the charging power to harmonise with other household loads to avoid current overloading the main breaker.



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