Elvi 7.4kW WiFi

Product Code E1320-A45042-10 Rexel Code 7004135/7004137 Category EV Charger

Product Details.

Elvi from EVBox has a 4 metre type 2 lead, and comes with WiFi, and an RFID card reader to control access.

  • Requires a 32A single phase supply
  • Charges faster than a regular outlet
  • LED-ring provides a clear status indication
  • Vandal proof, non-flammable and discoloration proof
  • Robust and modular build
  • Requires little maintenance
  • 3 year warranty

EV-Box is the international market leader in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions (EVCS),
serving electric drivers, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks.

Upgradable, future-proof
Buying another electric car in the future? Elvi evolves with you. Simply upgrade your charging cable & charging capacity. All thanks to its “click-on” features and modular build.

Modular, low maintenance
Elvi’s modular design enables easier and faster installation for both the electrician and the user. Elvi embodies just three components: the wall dock, the station and the cable. Have Elvi’s wall dock installed by an electrician. So all you need to do, is to click on the station and the cable, and Elvi’s ready to charge!

Intelligent, efficient
Connected to the brand new Hey by EVBox app, Elvi allows you to track your charging sessions from the palm of your hand.

Convenient, easy-to-use
Plug in the cable to charge, and unplug the cable to drive.

Optional cable dock also available.

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