MY-PV ELWA DC Immersion Heater

Product Code 12-0100 ELWA Rexel Code 7004248 Category Immersion Controller

Product Details.

Use solar PV power directly for water heating – no inverter required

ELWA is a 2 kW photovoltaic water heating device. Direct current (DC) from photovoltaic modules is transferred directly to the built-in heating element and immediately converted into heat, with minimal energy loss. The built-in MPP Tracker ensures that the PV generator is always operated at the optimum operating point (similar to a PV inverter).

For operation, no connection to the mains is required as the unit is powered by the PV generator (pure off-grid operation). The desired DHW temperature is set with a rotary knob, LED lights inform about the current device status.

If you have already met the ESB networks threshold for grid connected Solar PV (or have plans to install grid connected Solar PV), ELWA will allow you to install even more Solar PV panels – without needing additional ESB Networks approval.

For direct connection to a dedicated PV system using standard Solar PV modules. The DC current from the photovoltaic modules is controlled with a MPP-Tracker for a maximum power output of the immersion heater (up to 2kW). No connection to a grid supply or inverter is required.

Cylinder connection is 1 ½ inch, and the heating element/rod is 45cm

  • 100 % PV self-consumption
  • No inverter required
  • No grid connection application/paperwork
  • Easy installation
  • AC backup heating included
  • Low cost compared conventional Solar Thermal systems
  • 2 ELWAs can allow stratification-heating in larger cylinders
  • Easiest installation with “cables instead of pipes”, less valuable copper, no maintenance costs
  • Even works in case of power failure
  • No anti-freeze liquid necessary – Cables have almost no energy loss compared to pipes
  • MC4 connectors for connecting PV panels

No grid operator approval required: You save yourself tedious administrative work, because ELWA does not feed electricity into the grid.

To verify your PV panel installation, please use the MY-PV dimensioning tool.

Maximum input power

2500w DC

ELWA limits the DC current input to 10A, installers may use PV panels in excess of 10A (voltage must be 100-360v overall)

DC nominal power
0 – 2000 W with MPP tracking

DC inputs
1 string, 100 – 360 VDC, MC4

AC boost power
750 W for boost-backup

Mains connection
Single-phase, 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)
130 x 190 x 600 mm with heating element

Protection class
IP 21

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