MyEnergi Libbi Energy Storage System (5kW+5kWh)

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***This energy storage bundle, now comes with an Eddi immersion heater controller included***

Intelligent home battery storage

This bundle is a 5kW Hybrid Inverter with 5kW of battery storage, cable pack and the Libbi controller (Rexel code: 7004350). For a full list of product contents, please see the installation manual below. The Libbi 5kW hybrid inverter can be connected to up to 7.5kW (DC) of solar pv panels.

A modular battery storage system that adapts to your needs

MyEnergi created libbi to store your electricity, to use it when you need it most. It allows you to capture surplus solar electricity, whilst integrating with your existing myenergi devices.

libbi is modular by design. Each battery module can store up to 5kWh of electricity, so combining 4 of them together would provide up to 20kWh of storage.


Ultimate control of how you use your stored energy

libbi isn’t just a battery storage system, it’s eco smart. This means it makes intelligent decisions about when it provides and stores electricity based on how much energy you use, how much you generate with your solar and the electricity tariff you use.

Your surplus self generated electricity, decreasing your dependency on the electricity grid
The best time to capture grid electricity at its cheapest, based around your time of use tariff
With your myenergi devices, prioritising stored electricity to power your home, eddi or zappi


Intelligently connected, easy to operate

libbi seamlessly connects to your existing myenergi devices. This allows it to make intelligent decisions about when to charge or drain your battery based on your usage, your tariff and your self generated electricity. It performs 5 core functions:

Solar charging
Don’t give your free and green excess solar generation back to the electricity grid! Store your electricity through the day, and use it during the evening, especially during expensive peak periods.

Grid charging
Don’t have solar? Charge libbi using cheaper overnight electricity tariffs, and use this stored electricity during expensive periods, saving you money! You can always add solar to your battery storage system later.

Advanced control
You have ultimate control of what you want libbi to do and when you want to do it! Set priorities in the myenergi app, to control the libbi to charge and drain to suit your needs.

Blackout backup
Optional blackout backup, to maintain power to a dedicated circuit in the event of a power cut.

You have ultimate control over how the stored energy is used, by prioritising devices within the myenergi app, libbi won’t drain when an EV is plugged in unless you tell it to.


10 year battery warranty 

As well as having the MyEnergi technical support team on hand to answer any of your questions and queries, libbi also comes with an industry standard warranty. This includes a 10 year warranty on your battery, and 5 years on your inverter and controller. Once your battery storage has been installed, you will need to register for an account at, to take full advantage of our warranty support.

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