SMA Sunny Boy

Product Code Rexel Code 7002016 – 7002017 Category String Inverter

Product Details.

Fast installation – only 9kg, so no wall bracket, just two screws

Lightweight Easy setup – web interface WiFi as standard

Oversizing e.g. Sunny Boy 2kW can have a maximum of 4kW DC input

SMA Smart Connected

With SMA Smart Connected, SMA is the first manufacturer to offer free and automatic inverter monitoring that helps installers provide customers with a quick, targeted service. If an inverter fails, SMA proactively informs the PV system owner and the installer. In this way, PV system owners and installers benefit from minimized diagnosis and downtime. If it is necessary to replace the inverter, SMA sends a replacement device fast and free of charge.

SMA ShadeFix

Yield optimization directly from the inverter.

PV Systems are generally installed in scenarios where they can convert the largest amount of sunlight into electric current. However, it is not always possible to prevent dormer windows, chimneys, trees and other obstructions from casting shadows on PV modules. This reduces energy yield and lengthens a system owner’s payback period.

This is why SMA has developed a superior optimization technique – SMA ShadeFix. And the best thing about this solution is that SMA ShadeFix optimization is integrated into SMA inverters at no extra cost.

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