SOLiC 200 Immersion Controller

Product Code SOLIC200 Rexel Code 7004200 Category Immersion Controller

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Free hot water from the sun

The award-winning SOLiC 200 detects and offers your surplus generated solar PV power to a standard immersion heater. It works seamlessly with PV or other micro-generation systems, without the need for any user intervention.

The SOLiC 200 is a proportional controller, detecting when your building is exporting power back to the grid, and offering an equal amount of power to your immersion heater circuit.

e.g. if your house is using 500w and the solar pv panels are generating 900w, the SOLiC 200 will automatically offer 400w to the immersion circuit. The SOLiC 200 checks export levels continuously, striving to keep this export amount to zero.

Boost function – to override the SOLiC 200, perhaps during times of poor weather or at night time, there is an integrated boost function. The function will offer 90 minutes of full mains power to the immersion, then automatically revert to solar PV operation.

SOLiC 200 has a hard wired load sensor (split core current transformer clamp) which comes with a 1.5m lead. A 2.5m extension lead is available.

The kit includes:
SOLiC 200, load sensor and clamp, fitting instructions, mounting kit and 10-year warranty registration

Technical spec:
Export threshold: 0W
Case dimensions: 161 x 105 x 57mm
Total mass as supplied: 625g
Colour: White
Case material: Aluminium

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