GNE PV panel optimisers – single or dual input

GNE PV panel optimisers – single or dual input

Rexel Ireland branches of Kellihers Electrical and CT Electric are now stocking GNE Optimisers.

GNE Optimisers are a versatile solution to PV panel shading, orientation, and mismatch issues – ensuring users get the best output from their Solar PV panel installation. GNE Optimisers work independently of any string or hybrid inverter, therefore they can be installed with almost all inverters on the market. Optimisers can be installed on every PV panel, or just the panels impacted by shading/orientation/mismatch issues.

Optimisers from GNE can accommodate PV panels up to 450w, and the dual ‘Honeybee’ optimiser can be paired with two PV panels of up to 450w.

For a complete solution, GNE optimisers can also be paired with the GNE ‘Beehive’ – a data aggregation device which gathers PV panel output data which is then accessible via an app.

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GNE (Jiangsu GNE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) has over ten years experience in developing and manufacturing solar optimisation devices, rapid shutdown systems, and intelligent monitoring systems.

GNE products are developed to help overcome the factors that lead to power-loss and efficiency-drop, ultimately achieving greater power output, lower O&M costs and higher safety. Outside of their domestic market, GNE products can be found all over Europe, North America, and Asia. Jiangsu GNE New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. (