Honeybee 400 – Solar PV optimiser

Product Code HONEYBEE400-2.4G Rexel Code 7002073 Category Solar PV Panel Optimiser

Product Details.

The GNE Honeybee 400 PV panel optimiser – compatible with Solar PV panels up to 450w.


  • 10 year warranty / 25 year design life
  • Easy to install and mount
  • Install optimisers on all PV panels or only the panels impacted by shading/orientation issues etc.
  • MC4 compatible connectors
  • IP68 ingress protection
  • 13A maximum input
  • One MPPT
  • Optimiser level monitoring (via optional Beehive and Swarm products)
  • Optional monitoring via the GNE Monitoring System – Data Cloud Center (Honeypot)
  • Honeybee optimisers are 2.4G radio frequency enabled, allowing communication up to 30m range
  • Different models of Honeybee optimiser can be mixed on one string


Module level MPPT to optimize the power generation of PV system

Recover the loss of power generation caused by the power difference between the modules on the same string, and ensure the maximum power output of the string under unfavourable conditions such as shadows, bird droppings, dust, and PV panels with varying orientations or tilts.

Module level monitoring to improve operation and maintenance efficiency

Realise module level monitoring of a PV array, timely alarms and accurate positioning of faults – faster maintenance. Optional module level monitoring requires the Swarm (data acquisition device) and Beehive (data aggregation device).

Improve the installed density, and simplify the layout of PV panels

Optimisers help installers make full use of the roof area, increase power generation and ensure greater rooftop coverage.



GNE (Jiangsu GNE New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) has over ten years experience in developing and manufacturing solar optimisation devices, rapid shutdown systems, and intelligent monitoring systems.

GNE products are developed to help overcome the factors that lead to power-loss and efficiency-drop, ultimately achieving greater power output, lower O&M costs and higher safety. Outside of their domestic market, GNE products can be found all over Europe, North America, and Asia. Jiangsu GNE New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. (gnetek.com)

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