ValkAgri – new solution for Solar PV on corrugated metal rooftops

ValkAgri – new solution for Solar PV on corrugated metal rooftops

A solution jointly developed by Van der Valk and Rexel Ireland

The new ValkAgri corrugated adapter allows standard Van der Valk ‘trapezoidal‘ PV mounting products to be used on corrugated metal rooftops.

The Valk 120mm aluminium trapezoidal piece clicks snuggly into the new corrugated adapter, and the curve of the adapter fits most corrugated metal rooftops in Ireland. The entire piece is then fixed to the roof using stainless steel thin sheet screws.

The ValkAgri corrugated adapter is fitted to the high part of the corrugations, so runs vertically along this peak, and PV panels must be installed in landscape. This also allows the PV panels to be clamped on their long side, which is generally preferred.

This innovative solution, developed between Rexel Ireland and the team in Van der Valk, demonstrates the longstanding commitment both parties have shown towards the Solar PV market in Ireland.

These types of corrugated rooftops are commonly found in agricultural settings in Ireland, and increasingly we see them used in residential settings due to the versatility of that type of metal sheet.


  • 7003077     Corrugated adapter (Valk part: 732015)
  • 7004202     Alu Trapezoidal Profile 120mm with EPDM backing (Valk part: 7269120G)
  • 7004203     Stainless steel thin sheet screw (M6 x 25mm) (Valk part: 773225)

Valk Corrugated Adapter – Rexel Energy Solutions, Ireland