BPE PowerDepot 5.5kW Hybrid Inverter

Product Code BPE-HI-SP-5.5K Rexel Code 7002170 Category Hybrid Inverter

Product Details.

The BPE PowerDepot Hybrid Inverter is designed to monitor and manage the power flow throughout your entire home. By intelligently combining your Solar PV, Battery Storage and Emergency Backup Power, the BPE Single Phase Hybrid Inverter is the perfect flexible solution for any homeowner.

Maximum DC input of 9kW and up to 15A per input.

WiFi dongle included for online monitoring of your entire system directly from the BPE App.

Grid import/export measurement is via a clip-on current transformer (CT) clamp.

High Yield
» Max efficiency 97.3%
» Max Solar PV input 9kW
» Max charge/discharge current 120A

High Reliability
» Natural cooling
» 5 year warranty
» Integrated BMS works with a variety of LiFePO4 batteries

Compatible with:

BPE PowerDepot 2.56kWh battery

BPE PowerDepot 5.12kWh battery

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