BPE Quad Microinverter (BPE-MI-1300)

Product Code BPE-MI-1300-EU-IR Rexel Code 7002116 Category Microinverter

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This BPE Quad microinverter, from Badger Power Electronics (BPE), converts the DC output from up to four solar panels, to AC. It is designed to handle up to four solar panels simultaneously. Each individual module has its own MPPT. These grid-tied solar PV microinverters are designed to operate in a variety of conditions, with temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +65℃. BPE microinverters carry a 12-year warranty, and have an expected lifetime of 25+ years. BPE Microinverters simplify solar panel installations and built-in AC cable, with male and female connectors, speeds up install time.

Each microinverter is preset to Irish Grid settings (EN50438 IE)

Recommended Input Power: 210w to 400w per solar panel

Compatibility: Solar Photovoltaic Panels with 60 to 72 cells

Using the optional Data Monitoring Unit (DMU) Communications Gateway, system owners can monitor each individual solar panel. Data is view-able via the DMU’s LCD display, or any internet enabled device. Data is transferred from the microinverter to DMU using powerline communications.


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