Huawei MB0 series – three phase hybrid inverters

Product Code SUN2000-12/15/17/20/25K-MB0 Rexel Code 7002184 to 7002188 Categories Hybrid Inverter,String Inverter

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Huawei has expanded their portfolio of three phase, battery ready, hybrid inverters

The Huawei MB0 series of ‘Smart Energy Controllers’ is the ideal solution for three phase homes, farms and businesses wanting to become more and more self reliant in terms of electricity consumption. The increasingly powerful energy controller keeps more appliances active with higher self-sufficiency in green energy and lower electricity bills.

  • – Up to 30% more energy by using Huawei optimisers (optional extra)
  • – Compatible with Huawei LUNA2000 batteries
  • – 4 DC inputs and 2 MPP trackers
  • – Intelligent AFCI (Arc-fault Circuit Interrupter) protection cuts off the DC arc within 0.5 seconds, eliminating potential fire hazards for personal and asset safety
  • – Engineered for a 25-Year Lifespan
  • – IP66 rated
  • – Tested from minus 25 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • – Lightning Protection – The smart energy controller has passed the DC/AC lightning protection test and can withstand lightning strikes


Product Part Rexel code
Huawei 12K MB0 3ph battery ready inverter w/wifi SUN2000-12K-MB0 7002184
Huawei 15K MB0 3ph battery ready inverter w/wifi SUN2000-15K-MB0 7002185
Huawei 17K MB0 3ph battery ready inverter w/wifi SUN2000-17K-MB0 7002186
Huawei 20K MB0 3ph battery ready inverter w/wifi SUN2000-20K-MB0 7002187
Huawei 25K MB0 3ph battery ready inverter w/wifi SUN2000-25K-MB0 7002188

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