Ohme Home Pro

Product Code OHME0002GB002 Rexel Code 7004249 (5 metre) / 7004251 (8 metre) Category EV Charger

Product Details.

Meet the Ohme Home Pro

Featuring a colour screen and tethered Type 2 cable

Available with a 5 metre (7004249) or 8 metre (7004251) tethered lead.

  • Protection via Type A RCD 6mA DC (overcurrent protection not fitted, to be fitted separately)
  • 1 metre ‘flying lead’ for ease of installation (no need to open the EV Charger)
  • Comes with a current sensor for dynamic load balancing protection

Control & access
Via built-in LCD screen
Via smartphone app
Via buttons on the charger

3G / 4G multi-net sim card
Note: cost covered by Ohme for the first 3 years

Power rating
Power output/max current: 7.4kW/32A
Nominal supply: 230V AC, 50/60 HZ

Dimensions & weight
170mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 100mm (D)

Dynamic smart charging
Energy tariff integration
Home power balancing
Over-the-air updates
Solar Charging

3-year as standard

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