Sonel PVM-1020 Solar PV installation meter – complete test kit

Product Code WMGBPVM1020KIT PVM-1020 Rexel Code 7002113 Category Test Equipment

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The Sonel PVM-1020 meter is one of the smallest photovoltaic system meters available, yet it boasts an impressive array of measurement functions. Functions can be selected using an effortless rotary switch, and settings are adjustable via the unit’s buttons.

Even in shaded environments, such as beneath ground-mounted PV systems, its graphic display and backlit buttons make operation straightforward. Additionally, its substantial memory significantly reduces the time required for document preparation post-measurement.

  • Included with this kit:
    1 x PVM-1020 photovoltaic meter
    1 x IRM-1 solar radiation and temperature meter
    1 x Solar radiation meter mounting kit for PV panels
    1 x Probe for measuring the temperature of PV panels and the ambient temperature
    3 x 1.2m test leads (black, blue & yellow)
    3 x Crocodile clips
    1 x Pin probe
    1 x MC4 adapter
    1 x C- PV clamp
    1 x 5v power supply with USB 2.0 output and a detachable micro-USB cable
    1 x M1 hanging straps
    1 x L4 carrying case
    4 x AA 1.5 V battery
    2 x AAA 1.5 V battery
    1 x Factory calibration certificate – PVM-1020
    1 x Factory calibration certificate – IRM-1

– AUTO mode allows a sequence of measurements with just one press of the START button.
– Suitable for category 1 measurements as per IEC 62446-1 standards.
– Equipped with a built-in LoRa radio interface for seamless long-distance collaboration with the IRM-1 meter.
– Collaborates with the IRM-1 solar radiation and temperature meter to convert measured parameters into STC per IEC 60891.
– reSYNC function auto-completes results with environmental parameters, converting them to STC upon reconnection with the IRM-1.
– Includes a built-in Bluetooth module for computer communication.
– Large memory capacity: holds 100 objects with 40 cells each.
– Features a backlit display and buttons for better visibility.

Despite its size, the IRM-1 is essential for PV system testing. It measures solar radiation levels, panel temperatures, and ambient temperatures, providing essential data for converting results into standard test conditions (STC). Its built-in recorder can house up to 5000 records, making it invaluable for both PV plant design and for pinpointing shading issues in panels.

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