SpeedFlash – for slate roof – bulk kit

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Slate roofs are notoriously challenging to install Solar PV onto, but with SpeedFlash®, installers will be able to install and weatherproof a bracket on slates, in under 10 minutes. This, whilst maintaining standards of:

  • No load transferred on to the slates
  • No sealants
  • No drilling through slates

This bulk kit from Rexel Ireland (branches of Kellihers Electrical & CT Electric) includes:

  • 40no. x SpeedFlash Base
  • 40no. x SpeedFlash Cap
  • 40no. x SpeedFlash Foam
  • 80no. x Wooden Shims
  • 40no. x Support Springs
  • 2no. x SpeedFlash Shields (installation tool)

The revolutionary SpeedFlash® is designed to improve the speed and ease of solar installations on slate roofs.

Unlike the SolarFlash®, you do not need to remove any slates. This significantly reduces installation time and the requirement for roofing experience. The SpeedFlash concept retains all the benefits of the SolarFlash®; i.e. no requirement for drilling, avoidance of load bearing and preventing water ingress, thereby maintaining the integrity of the roof.

The SpeedFlash® is for use on 18″ slates and above. They can be used on 16″ slates but as the working area (area where the bracket is fixed to the rafter) is reduced, to maintain required headlap, the bracket must have a fixing plate compatible with the working area.

The SpeedFlash® is designed to maintain required headlap, providing installation instructions are followed. The SpeedFlash® is compatible with modern composite slates if they are set at 3″ headlap. Where composite slates are holed to create 4″ headlap (battens spaced accordingly) the SpeedFlash® would not be suitable and the SolarFlash® should be used.

The SpeedFlash® reduces the requirement to remove slates on retrofit installations and reduces the amount of slates being cut on both retrofit and newbuild installations. There is a foam included which is required to seal the hood. The foam was designed with snow in mind to stop wind taking light snow into the roof.

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