Suntech 440w Glass-Glass Solar PV panel

Product Code STP440S – C54/Nshkm+ Rexel Code 7001610 Category PV panel

Product Details.

Suntech Ultra V Pro solar PV panel, with glass on glass construction.

This mono-facial panel comes with a black frame and a high module conversion efficiency.

Measuring only 1722mm x 1134mm, and 30mm thick

30 years of linear warranty
25 years of product warranty

  • Lightweight double glass

Lightweight double glass structure which effectively reduces the rate of module breakage

The ideal module size and weight make handling and installation easier

  • Withstand harsh environments.

Reliable quality that makes module resistant even to high temperatures, salt water and ammonia

  • Extended wind and snow load tests

Module certified to withstand extreme wind (3800 Pascal) and snow loads


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