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Van der Valk Solar Systems offers a complete range of cable management products under the name ValkCableCare.
With these products the cabling of the PV-system can be arranged in a neat, safe and quick manner.

  • For AC and DC wiring
  • Easy to fix to the mounting system or solar panel
  • Solutions for one cable, an entire bundle or a cable tray
  • No more dangling cables
  • No more breaking tie-raps/cable ties
  • Durable solution due to the manufacture of high quality stainless steel
  • Solutions for every Van der Valk Solar Systems mounting system
Rexel code Valk item Description Use
7004253 732005 Stainless Steel Cable Clamp – Large To clip multiple cables directly to Van der Valk aluminium rails on pitched rooftops. Specifically, to attach to Van der Valk ‘side++’ aluminium profiles.
7004051 732001 Stainless Steel Cable Clamp – Small To clip a DC cable to PV panel frame – neat solution to hide the cable behind a PV panel.
7004254 732011 Plastic cable clamp for ValkPro+ foot To attach multiple cables to the rear foot of the ValkPro+ flat roof system.
7004255 738201 Stainless steel MC4 connector clamp

To mount a MC4 connector to a PV panel frame.
7004256 739063 Plastic cable entry for roof tiles To protect cables when penetrating through a tile roof. Avoids the need for ‘kopex’ / conduit type solutions. Space for 2no. x 4mm² or 6mm² cables.

What can go wrong?
In the past few years, we have seen that, partly through the increasing demands of parties like insurers, more and more attention has been paid to the PV-cabling and cable management. Unreliable cable management has repeatedly led to incidents of catching fire. Cables hang under the PV-panels, connectors lie in the water, and any sharp edges of the mounting system can lead to damage of the cable if treated carelessly, or even breakage of the cable, with all of its dire consequences.

Valk Solar solution

Van der Valk Solar Systems have tried to eliminate the above-described doom scenarios as much as possible by introducing their ValkCableCare assortment with its extensive product range. ValkCableCare enables the electrical cabling to be concealed in a neat, safe and fast way under the panels or guided over the roof. It can all be integrated into ValkPro+ or ValkPitched mounting systems.

With the ValkPro+ plastic cable clamp (732011) Rexel code: 7004254, the cabling can run under the panels with the complete system thanks to being secured to the rear foot. The aim is after all to have a PV-system that will remain in place on the roof for a long period, so protection of the PV-cables against the effect of the weather like excessive sunlight is desirable.

Plastic cable entry         
The risk of damaging cables to sharp roof tile edges when passing them from outside to inside is very high and can make the entire PV system unsafe. In addition, movement along edges due to wind can shorten the lifespan of cables.

With the Valk Solar cable entry, professional and safe cable routing becomes easy and fast. The integrated hook on the back of the product makes it easy to hang the cable entry behind the roof tile, and the roof tile can be placed back over the cable inlet without risk of cable damage. By pressing the cables into the slots of the cable feeder, cables remain securely attached and are protected during entry from outside to inside.

The cable entry is made of UV-resistant plastic, features high impact resistance and can withstand the temperature fluctuations that can occur on a roof. The small and lightweight size makes the product very handy and easy to transport.


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